September 4, 2017

Hy’s Calgary Diamond Award Winner

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Culinaire Magazine recently named Hy’s Calgary to their Alberta Finest Drinks List, which highlights restaurants with “world-class” drinks.

Check out our Diamond award-winning Spirits List when you are enjoying your next Hy’s steak dinner.

“When a restaurant has an exceptional spirits list, it’s always a good sign. After all, that means there’s something to please everyone’s palate, and there’s probably an impressive cocktail menu, to boot. Hy’s Steakhouse, a Calgary institution since 1955, is undoubtedly meat-centric, but food aside, recently they’ve become known for their impeccable drink lists – specifically, their spirits. It’s not just the variety in types of spirits, but the eclectic selections within the categories that truly stand out. Cheers to another 60+ years!”