May 20, 2020

Information Regarding Re-opening

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While we are finalizing our plans to re-open our restaurants in mid-June, we wanted to share some information about what you can expect when we can welcome you back. We will announce our official opening date as soon as it is confirmed. In the meantime, some common questions are answered below.

Read a message from our COO here.


Our commitment to staff & guests

Will you perform a health check on staff or guests?
Hy’s has a flexible sick leave policy. Employees who have fever, cough, or feel unwell in any way will be asked not to attend the workplace, or excused from work. We respectfully request that guests, suppliers and other visitors who have similar symptoms, or feel generally unwell, do not visit our restaurants.

Will employees or guests be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
All Front of House (FOH) employees will wear cloth face masks. Back of House (BOH) staff will wear face masks, or acrylic face shields, and disposable rubber gloves. PPE will be changed after each task. Guests are not required to wear PPE to visit our restaurants.

What is the policy regarding cleaning, sanitizing & personal hygiene?
Hy’s of Canada regularly follows the highest industry standards of cleanliness in all operations. Staff are well trained in established practices for food handling and safety, and are required to follow company standards for personal presentation and hygiene.

Prior to re-opening, the restaurants will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. This will include deep cleaning in all dining areas, kitchen and prep areas, bars, and guest and staff restrooms.

Staff will be required to report for duty with fresh uniform in hand. Lockers for storage of personal belongings will be for day use only, and schedules will be staggered to minimize time spent in the changing areas. All staff will be required to wash hands thoroughly before entering the workspace, and timers will be set as reminders to wash hands at 30-minute intervals throughout the shift.

Guests will notice visible signs of rigorous attention to cleaning and sanitizing. Hand sanitizing stations will be available at the entries and in other convenient locations. During service, employees will be assigned to clean and sanitize all high-touch points at the entrances and exits, in the dining areas, and in the guest restrooms.

How will you obey the physical distancing requirements of the Government & Health authorities?
Our Management have redesigned the floorplans in our dining rooms, lounges and patios to allow 2 metres between tables and/or chairs. Where possible, chairs and extra furniture have been removed to allow extra space. Where architectural elements create impediment, signage will be posted to create awareness, and staff will assist each other and guests to pass through in a safe and practical manner. In the early phases, private dining spaces will not be available, nor will seating at the bars.

What about the Kitchen and BOH?
Our Chefs have planned staggered schedules to minimize the number of employees in the workspace. During service, employees will wear PPE, perform thorough cleaning and sanitizing at 30-minute intervals, and restrict access to the kitchen and prep areas.

Will there be any changes to service?
Hy’s and Gotham are committed to providing a guest experience of the highest standard. During the various phases of re-opening, certain service procedures will be altered or paused to ensure safety of employees and guests.

To comply with limitations to restaurant capacity, and to plan preparation and staffing, reservations will be appreciated. Calling ahead is encouraged, as walk-in traffic may not be able to be accommodated.

Acrylic shields will be employed, in limited numbers, where physical distancing is difficult to achieve.

Table settings will be changed to create fewer contact points. Disposable paper menus will be employed, and wine lists may be accessed on tablets provided by the restaurant, or on personal devices via QR code.

Hy’s famous tableside preparations will pause for now, but Hy’s favorites are still available and will be prepared in the kitchen.

Coat check and Valet parking services will not be offered.

What kind of experience will I have?
Our number one goal is the health, safety and comfort of our staff and guests. We will work with each other as a team, sharing ideas and feedback to achieve this goal. Management and service staff will consult with guests to assess comfort levels, and perform our duties accordingly, with professionalism, courtesy and warmth.

We value the opportunity to welcome you back, and hope to see you soon.